September 2017-present                        Assistant Professor, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts 


May 2016                                                    Doctor of Philosophy in English, Northeastern University               

May 2016                                                    Certificate in Women's Studies, Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies, M.I.T

December 2006                                        Master of Arts, English, University at Albany, S.U.N.Y   

May 2005                                                    Bachelor of Arts, English, Saint Anselm College


Aesthetics of Presence: The Invention of Survival in the Twentieth-Century (in progress)


Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

"Embodied Haunting: Aesthetics and the Archive in Toni Morrison's Beloved" in Madness in Black Women's Fictions: Aesthetics of Resistance and the Practice of Diaspora. Ed. Caroline Brown and Johanna Garvey. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 2017.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

“Something In between, Something So Deeply Swaying”: Contemporary Modes of Mourning in Anne Carson’s Nox.” to be submitted to College Literature in December 2017. (in preparation)

“ ‘The Professor Was Not Always Right’: H.D., Freud, and a New Theory of Trauma.” to be submitted to Modernism/modernity in February 2018. (in preparation)

“Back and Forth: Elliptical Motion and Queer Time in Richard Bruce Nugent’s Smoke, Lilies, and Jade.” to be submitted to The Space Between: Literature and Culture, 1914-1945 in May 2018. (in preparation)

 Book Reviews

Review of Matte Robinson. The Astral H.D. Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature. November 2017.

Review of Rebecca Walsh. The Geopoetics of Modernism. Literature and History. May 2017.


January 2016                                                    Office of the Provost, Dissertation Completion Fellowship              

November 2013                                                Northeastern University Teaching Grant           

August 2013                                                      Modernist Studies Association Travel Grant 

April  2012                                                          Awarded Distinction, Comprehensive Exams 

April 2011                                                           Graduate Studies Association Essay Prize, Northeastern University 

April 2010                                                           Awarded Distinction, Preliminary Comprehensive Exams 

May 2005                                                           Outstanding English Senior Thesis, Honorable Mention, Saint Anselm College

December 2004                                               Conley Honorary English Major Scholarship, Saint Anselm College 


“Time and Trauma in Twentieth-Century Literature,” Part I and II, Panel Organizer/Chair, Northeast Regional MLA (NeMLA), Baltimore. (upcoming March 2017) 

"New Directions in Trauma Studies," Seminar Organizer, NeMLA, Baltimore. (upcoming March 2017)

“Back and Forth: Elliptical Motion and Queer Time in Richard Bruce Nugent’s Smoke, Lillies and Jade.” Midwest Regional MLA (MMLA), St. Louis. (upcoming November 2016) 

“The Professor was Not Always Right”: H.D., Freud, and The Creativity of Survival, Pacific Ancient Regional MLA (PAMLA), Portland, OR, November 2015

“I don’t want to be here:” Queer Romance and Negativity in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood, Affect: Aesthetics, Memory, and Ethics conference hosted by The Affect Project, Winnipeg, CA, September 2015

"H.D. and Freud" (position paper). Modernism and Mental Health Seminar, Modernist Studies Association (MSA 17), Boston, MA, November 2015

“‘The rhythm of life / is a jazz rhythm’: Racial Trauma, Reference, and Present Moment Time in the Jazz Poetry of Langston Hughes,” The Futures of American Studies Summer Institute at Dartmouth College, June 2014

“Into the Night: Time, Queer Love, and Public Intimacy in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood and Richard Bruce Nugent’s Smoke, Lillies and Jade,” Modernist Studies Association (MSA 13), University of Sussex, UK, September 2013

“‘I profit from every calamity’: H.D.’s National Heritage and the Transformation of Trauma in Trilogy,” American Literature Association (ALA), Boston, MA, May 2013

“Embodied Haunting: Trauma and Transformative Witnessing in Toni Morrison’s Beloved,” NeMLA, Boston, MA, March 2013

“Damaged Bodies: Trauma and Imaginative Healing at Gayl Jones’s Song for Anninho,” Rocky Mountain Regional MLA (RMMLA), Scottsdale, AZ, October 2011

“Out of Muteness: Elegy, Trauma, and the Creative Act of Survival in Anne Carson’s Nox,” Echoes of Trauma: Exploring the Intersections of Trauma and Culture conference, Louisiana State University, March 2011

“‘It had to be sexual’: Desire and Corporeal Displacement in Gayl Jones’ s Corregidora and Cindy Sherman’s Sex Pictures,” Trauma: Intersections among Narrative, Neuroscience, and Psychoanalysis, George Washington University, March 2010 


September 2016 - current                                                                      Part-Time Lecturer / The Writing Program, Northeastern University    

September 2016 - current                                                                      Part-Time Lecturer / Global Pathways Graduate Program, Northeastern University        

September 2009 - December 2015                                                      Graduate Instructor of Record in The Writing Program, Northeastern University

Spring 2013                                                                                               Teaching Assistant to Kimberly Juanita Brown / Contemporary American Literature Survey

September 2009 - 2013                                                                          Senior Consultant in The Writing Center, Northeastern University

Courses designed and taught as Instructor of Record:

PHIL1145 : Technology and Human Values, Graduate Seminar in Northeastern's Global Pathways Program

ENGW 3308 Special Section: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines for Social Sciences Majors, Service-Learning Community Partnership with Our Marathon Digital Archive

ENGW 3308: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines for Social Sciences Majors 

ENGW 3304: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines for Business Majors

ENGW 3301: Advanced Writing in the Disciplines for General Majors

ENGW 1111: First Year Writing 


 October 2016 - current                              Digital Feminisms Working Group / training in R, Northeastern University

 July 2015                                                      Drupal Seminar, Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria 

 October 2013                                               Training in Omeka, Northeastern University 


Spring 2015                                                   Graduate Assistant at Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society  

At Signs, I helped to prepare research for the journal's newly envisioned website under the direction of editor, Suzanna Walters, as well as the chair of the editorial board, Carla Kaplan. I also prepared research for the Dr. Walter's inaugural editorial issue as well as the following two issues. My name appears on the masthead for Autumn 2015 (vol. 41, no. 1), Summer 2015 (vol. 40, no. 4), and Spring 2015 (vol. 40, no.3).  

January 2015  - August 2015                      Editorial Assistant at DHCommons

DHCommons is an online, peer-reviewed journal, which features mid-stage DH projects from all over the world. The core editorial board consists of leading scholars in DH including Ryan Cordell (Northeastern) and Quinn Dombromsk (UC Berkeley).  For the journal, I worked as a copy editor. I also participated in discussions related to development of the journal's Drupal platform and overall operation. My training in Drupal at DHSI is related to my work at this journal. 


April 2011                                                            Curator, Nox by Anne Carson, with permission, Visual Postmodernities Exhibition, Northeastern University  

March 2011                                                         Organizer, Boston Premiere Screening of The Woodmans at Northeastern University


October 2014-May 2015                                   Barrs Lecture Series Planning Committee, English Department, Northeastern University

Working alongside Northeastern faculty as a graduate student advisor, I helped to developed programming for a lecture series which culminated with a keynote lecture from Sandy Alexandre (M.I.T.) 

2011-2014                                                            Organizer, English Graduate Student Association Annual Conference, Northeastern University

I organized the panels for three graduate student conferences: Raw Materials (2011) with keynote address by Ann Stoler (The New School), Memory Remains (2012) with keynote address by Marita Sturken (NYU), and The Spectacular! (2014) with keynote address by Wendy Hesford (Ohio State). 

2011-2012                                                             Elected Graduate Representative, Humanities Center Advisory Board, Northeastern University


French- Intermediate oral and written fluency

German - Beginner oral and written fluency