DH Work

My DH training as a graduate student at Northeastern University has informed my work and scholarly identity in a number of ways from being able to build this website to designing creative courses that incorporate digital tools to participating in innovative projects and working groups. A leading institution in the field of Digital Humanities, Northeastern University is home to the NULab as well as such projects as the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA), the Women Writer's Project, and Our Marathon: The Boston Bombing Digital Archive. As a graduate

Examples of my DH work include: 

- current member of the Digital Feminisms working group at Northeastern University

- Instructor of Record for a special service-learning course taught in partnership with Our Marathon in which my students designed digital exhibitions built with Omeka for the archive. A description of this course can be found here

- Editorial Assistant for DHCommons, an online, peer-reviewed journal, which features mid-stage DH projects from all over the world.

-Participant in the Drupal seminar at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at University of Victoria (2015)