Always learning. As a professor, I enter the classroom eager to learn alongside my students as our class unfolds. I view the study of literature as well as other kinds of “texts”—visual art, new media, music—as a creative act in and of itself. In my courses, students engage in a dynamic dialogue with a diverse set of storytellers and critics: speaking to, with, and back at them. I assure my students that because we all have unique and ever-evolving lives, perspectives, and voices, each and every interaction with a text holds the potential for new and powerful insights.

SAMPLE COURSES (titles link to course descriptions)

Creativity and Survival (spring 2019)

Gender and Global Modernisms (fall 2018)

         Visions and Voices: Studies in Multiethnic Literature & Art (spring 2017, fall 2019)

Introduction to Literature (fall 2017, spring 2017, fall 2018)

College Writing (fall 2017, fall 2018)